qse  0.5.4
Installation for X11 on Macintosh OS X

To install QSE for a macintosh system with the 'fink' system installed you must first install the qt4 and qwt libraries that QSE uses. The qt4 libraries are available as part of the standard fink package collection but you must install a version of the qwt libraries which is compiled for the qt4 libraries.

Installing the Qt4 Libraries

To install the qt4 libraries type:

fink install qt4-x11-core-shlibs qt4-x11-gui-shlibs

This should compile and install the necessary libraries. (It may take quite a long time to compile the libraries).

Installing the qwt libraries

Then you need to install qwt: you can either compile it directly or download a pre-compiled package.

To compile:

Download the files qwt-qt4.info and qwt-qt4.patch and place them both in the directory /sw/fink/10.4/local/main/finkinfo/ (you may need to create this directory if it does not exist already).

Then type:

fink install qwt-qt4-shlibs

This should download, compile, and install the qwt libraries.

Alternatively, you can install the pre-compiled package directly. You need to download the package matching your CPU architecture.

PowerPC: qwt-qt4-shlibs_5.0.0rc1-1_darwin-powerpc.deb

Intel: qwt-qt4-shlibs_5.0.0rc1-1_darwin-i386.deb

Install the package by typing:

sudo dpkg -i qwt-qt4-shlibs_5.0.0rc1-1_darwin-powerpc.deb


sudo dpkg -i qwt-qt4-shlibs_5.0.0rc1-1_darwin-i386.deb
Installing the QSE Package

Finally you must download the qse package.

PowerPC: qse_0.5.4-1_darwin-powerpc.deb

Intel: qse_0.5.4-1_darwin-i386.deb

Then install QSE by typing

sudo dpkg -i qse_0.1.10_darwin-powerpc.deb


sudo dpkg -i qse_0.1.10-1_darwin-i386.deb

Run QSE by typing: